US: My Thoughts

Hey you. Yeah you. You Looking to get spooked? You are? Well that is a relief then because Jordan Peele’s Us might just be the answer.

The follow-up to Academy Award winner Get Out, Peele’s Us dances between spooky, chilling and importantly funny with such freedom it really is a joy to watch.

Once you Kangaroo Jack you can Never go Back

Is Kangaroo Jack good? No, not at all. Does it have it’s moments? No I regret coming back for a repeat watch to be honest. Should you check it out? Only if you need to put images to my words, but be forewarned once you Kangaroo Jack you can never go back.

My Dinner with David

If you came here looking for a story about what makes those films so fantastic, this isn’t that story. Rather this is about what stopped all that. David Lean stopped directing between 1970 and 1984. This is after producing 15 pictures in the 28 years preceding. A director at the height of his powers went into an early retirement. How did one dinner push someone to make that decision? Well, let’s find out. Read More